We are all beautifully and wonderfully made, but we aren't all made the same! That's why Beyond the Gym specializes in creating programs that meet your individual needs. We aren't a one-size-fits-all "gym". We come to you with experience in creating personalized health and wellness programs to help you achieve your goals- whatever they may be. 

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Youth Exercise Program

Two programs offered by Youth Exercise Specialist, Casey Stoff, MA

Sports Conditioning

Balanced Bodies

Research shows training in speed and                         

agility set the stage for future development                 

and aid in injury prevention*.                                      


Classes will include exercises that generate quick,        

powerful movements. Plyometric training combined

with resistance training to enhance upper and lower    

body power.                                                             


Regardless of your child's athletic interests sports

conditioning improves overall performance and           

reduces the risk of injury.                                          

1 hour, moderate-high intensity workouts to create

a well rounded athlete. 

*Chu DA. Plyometric Training for Youth.

 Not all children are interested in sports. 

Some aren't confident in their ability. Some would

just rather spend their time doing other activities. 

This class is designed to provide movement through balance, coordination, and flexibility. 

Build confidence, reduce risk of injury, and challenge their bodies in this, low key, non-competitive fitness class.


1 hour, mild-moderate intensity workout to create a 

healthy, well rounded student.